Thursday, December 12, 2019

What Is Smart Watch? - About Smartwatch

What Is Smart Watch?

Smartwatch is a wearable Android device in the form of a wristwatch. Smartwatch provided a touchscreen interface for the user. Smartwatch is connected with your mobile and monitor your day to day activity. Smartwatch more similar options like a smartphone.

Smartwatch Definition

A smartwatch is a digital watch that provides many other features of a smartphone.

Features of Smartwatch


Smartwatches use Bluetooth to connect our phone and give an update of notification.


Smartwatch is water-resistant. Water does not affect on a smartwatch. 


In a smartwatch have an inbuild GPS program to track your device. 

Control With Touch

Smartwatches have a touch screen to control smartwatch. Many smartwatches offer fingerprint sensors to security.

Health And Fitness Assistant

Smartwatches have a heart rate monitor to keep a pulse on heart, Also Smartwatch monitors steps and calories.

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