Monday, December 16, 2019

Ubon SW-11 Smartwatch

Ubon SW-11 Touch Screen Smartwatch.

Ubon SW-11 Smartwatch

Ubon SW-11 Smartwatch Features.             

1 Find Your Mobile 

 Ubon smartwatch finds users Mobile. Lone press the sensor on the smartwatch ring your mobile and find the location of the mobile.

2 Notification 

 Ubon SW-11 smartwatch is giving a day to day notification of calls, messages, emails, and others. 


 In Ubon smartwatch inbuilt GPS tracking system to find your location and track time, track speed.

4 Fitness Tracker

 In Ubon smartwatch inbuilt fitness tracker to monitor heart rate, count steps and many more.

5 Sport Tracking 

 In Ubon smartwatch sport tracking features, track runs, Cycling and with more map routes and many more.


Brand Ubon
Form Factor Watch
Item Height 7M
Item Width 33M
Screen Size 1.3Inch
Item Weight 36.3G
Product Dimensions 4*3.3*0.7Cm
Batteries  1
Item Model No SM-11
Connectivity Type Bluetooth
Lithium Battery Energy Content 5Watt
Lithium Battery Weight 3G
Number Of Lithium Ion Sell 1
Number Of Lithium Metal Sell 1
Sim Card Support No
Camera No
Fingerprint Sensor No
Waterproof Yes
Fitness Tracker Yes

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