Monday, December 30, 2019

Mobicloud A1 Smartwatch Look Like Apple Watch

Mobicloud A1 White 4G Touch Screen Smart Watch Phones with Camera with Sim Supports Sd Card Slot for All Android and iOS Devices.

Mobicloud A1 Smartwatch Look Like Apple Watch

Mobicloud A1 Smartwatch Features 

1 Anti Loss Function 

 If the user has a habit of misplacing the phone, then you are going to like this anti-theft feature on this watch. After a distance of 10 meters, your watch will automatically beep to alert you that your phone is not in hand. This helpful feature will ensure that you have your phone in the pocket at all times.

2 Notification

 Mobicloud A1 smartwatch connected your mobile and give notification of various apps. Whatsapp, Facebook, Email, Twitter, Call, and massages. Mobicloud A1 smartwatch uses Bluetooth to connect your mobile and send a notification.  

3 Make And Answer A Call

 With Mobicloud A1 smartwatch users can make and answer a call without a mobile device. Mobicloud A1 support a sim card.

4 Fitness Tracker

 Mobicloud A1 has an inbuild fitness tracker to monitor your heart rate, count steps, monitor sleep and give a report to the user.

5 Camera

 Mobicloud A1 smartwatch includes a camera function to take pictures from the watch without a mobile device. 

6 Music Player And Audio Recorder 

 Mobicloud A1 smartwatch has paly user's favorites music. Users can surf the music with the help of the watch. And also included sound recorder to record voice.

Brand Mobicloud
Form Factor Watch
Item Height 21M
Item Width 18M
Screen Size 1.3Inch
Item Weight 87G
Product Dimensions 8.4*8.4*1.3Cm
Batteries  1
Item Model No A1
Connectivity Type Bluetooth
Lithium Battery Energy Content 5Watt
Lithium Battery Weight 3G
Number Of Lithium Ion Sell 1
Number Of Lithium Metal Sell 1
Sim Card Support Yes
Camera Yes
Fingerprint Sensor No
Waterproof Yes
Fitness Tracker Yes

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