Friday, December 20, 2019

LOPAZ X6 Bluetooth Smartwatch

LOPAZ X6 Bluetooth Smartwatch with Camera and SIM Card Support, Apps, Pedometer, Sedentary Remind and Sleep Monitoring for Smartphones.

LOPAZ X6 Bluetooth Smartwatch

LOPAZ X6 Bluetooth Smartwatch Features.

1 Activity Tracker

 In LOPAZ smartwatch track your day to day activity. How many calories burn, Measure your steps distance and many more.

2 Sleep Monitor 

 LOPAZ smartwatch monitors your sleep. Deep sleep, Measure Sleep timing and more.

3 Music player

 In LOPAZ smartwatch inbuilt speaker to listen to your favorite music. 

4 Anti Loss Function

 In LOPAZ smartwatch function of anti-theft alarm. If your mobile misplaces than after 10m your watch atomistically alert you.

5 Notification

 LOPAZ smartwatch gives you a notification of Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Email And many applications.

6 Make And Answer A call

 Users can use the LOPAZ smartwatch to make and answer a call. Users will never miss any call and notification with this smartwatch.

Form Factor Watch
Item Height 22M
Item Width 21M
Screen Size 1.3Inch
Item Weight 60G
Product Dimensions 8*7*1.5Cm
Batteries  1
Item Model No X6
Connectivity Type Bluetooth
Lithium Battery Energy Content 3Watt
Lithium Battery Weight 0.5G
Number Of Lithium Ion Sell 1
Number Of Lithium Metal Sell 1
Sim Card Support Yes
Camera Yes
Fingerprint Sensor No
Waterproof Yes
Fitness Tracker Yes

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