Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Apple Watch Series 5 - Apple Smartwatch

Apple Watch Series 5 With Gps.

Apple Watch Series 5 - Apple Smartwatch

Apple Watch Series 5 Features.

1 Never Sleep Display

 Apple Watch Series 5 includes a show that ne'er sleeps. Its always showing the time and important information to the users.

2 Heart Rate Tracker 

 This Apple watch helps you keep an eye on your heart. Quickly check your heart rate, and get notification of your blood pressure.

3 Fitness Tracker 

 This Apple watch helps you crush your fitness goals. There are workouts for every way of your exercise and advance metrics for every level of workout.

4 Stream Music 

 In Apple watch stream you're favorite 50 million songs. Listen to the entire music library.


 This Apple watch inbuilt GPS function to track your real-time location. Help to find routes, New locations, and many more. 

6 Stay Connected

 This Apple watch helps you to stay connected without a phone. Call, Text, and listen to music without phone.

7 More Watch faces

 This Apple watch more than a hundred watch faces. And many ways to professionalize them. 


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